Monday, February 16, 2015

February 16, 2015

hey mom and dad! Things are really great over here!! It's hot and humid so we're constantly sweaty but it's really fun. The language is totally different from the mtc, and it's pretty hard to understand people sometimes. I had balut and chicken intestine and the boiled blood stuff, there's a lot of crazy food here!! haha.
I'm in an internet café since there are no computers in our apartments. and don't worry,there's some good food here. I'm definitely not gonna starve at all and we're always getting fed.

We're busy every single day like crazy, even on pday so I won't have a ton of time to email you guys. A week before I got into the mission, the mission president decided to cut email time in half, from 2 hours to one hour so there are a ton of people to email and not any time to do it, haha!
I do have time to cook but very little. My trainer is Elder De Dios from Canada. His parents are both Filipinos but he didn't speak any Tagalog before his mission.  We sleep with a fan and yeah I'm sleeping really well because we get so tired from the day that we can't help but fall right asleep. From 1-8pm we're out teaching and finding people to teach and getting sweaty haha. There are four of us in the apartment so two companionships and our ward is really good. My first area is the Quezon City 1st ward.
I love you guys a ton!! I miss you and think about you guys a lot!! Ill "talk" to you all next week!!
 Elder Van Slooten trying on "balut" for the first time. (Balut is duck embryo, yum)
                            Henry and Elder Nawaia at the Manila MTC
                           before going to their respective first areas.

Elder Van Slooten's new mailing address:

Elder Henry Van Slooten
Philippines Quezon City Mission
Aurora Blvd. cor. JP Rizal St.
Project 4, Cubao
Quezon City 1109, Metro Manila, Philippines

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