Sunday, April 5, 2015

EASTER SUNDAY - April 5, 2015

                               Sister Zenny! my very first baptism
                        at the Manila Temple. It's really pretty there at night.
 This is how I react when our investigators say they're too busy to be taught.
These are the elders that live in our apartment. Elder Sia (from Bacolod, he's been out 7 months) Elder Connelly (from New Zealand, he's been out 2 months) and of course my trainer Elder de Dios from Toronto, he's been out 9 months.
March 15, 2015
I saw Sam's pictures! They look so cool!! I'm emailing her right now and she said she just landed in Seattle. I'm so jealous. She's going to Europe again!! and Jolie told me she's going to see  Best Coast with Sam and then Mac Demarco! I'm also jealous of that. But still there's no place I'd rather be than right here. These people love me and I love them. I feel like I have such a major obligation to them... the other day we were tracting and I started talking to this lady.. she rudely slammed the door so I said "Naiintindihan nyo ba kung ano ang tinatanggihan ninyo? Ate, ito ang kaligtasan ninyo!" (I usually don't say things like that because it gives people a bit of a weird view of missionaries but I felt prompted to say that) She reluctantly came back to the door and opened it the slightest bit and I said (after collecting my thoughts a bit more) "Ate, kung meron kayong oras sa amin, nais po namin na ibahagi isang magandang mensahe tungkol kay Jesu Cristo, ang  kahalagahan ng mga pamiliya at yung plano ng Diyos para sa inyo at para sa inyong pamiliya"... she let us in. She's now being taught and I hope more than anything that she takes this seriously and gets baptized! If you know how heavy and how important this gospel is, you start to realize how much everyone needs it. When you realize how much everyone needs it, you start to get a little bit more bold in inviting others to come unto Christ. hahaha maybe saying "sister do you understand what your rejecting?" was a little bit too bold, but it caught her attention. Anyways that was just a cool experience I had this week. 
I love you guys! take care!
Also, read the book of mormon every day. it will answer questions that we need answers to if we study it prayerfully. mahal ko kayo!
March 22, 2015
Marami akong gustong sabihin pero for now I'll just tell you that my week consisted of riding on the back of jeepneys, hanging on to tricycles with five elders on them and eating balut. haha we had a temple trip and another baptism! the first person I ever baptized! It was so cool!
March 29, 2015
Hey family!! Have fun in Mexico!!! I'm so jealous.. Take a bunch of pictures and send me some!! My week wasn't that exciting although I feel super confident in Tagalog now but my biggest fear is that my growth  will plateau.. I've been working so hard and feel that I've grown so much.. I dont want to stop growing at this rate so I'll just have to keep working harder. haha! My week was pretty good although we struggled to teach   many lessons this week. We had a few investigators drop us and it was super sad.. We're really working on trying to get investigators to understand why this is important to and for them.. we actually went back to a couple of the investigators that dropped us and we were like don't do this. This is important for you because... and we explained lesson two and now they're being taught again!! I feel like my teaching skills are improving so much and I'm grateful to my heavenly father who has helped me so much.

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