Thursday, July 30, 2015

July 27, 2015

Hey family!!

this week was another good week. I feel bad because every single week is exactly the same. study. work. walk. sweat. be tired. teach. work. eat. study. work. work, work. sleep. study. walk.. but one thing that's pretty cool is were going to get about three baptisms in august.
elder Salisbury left! he went home to Utah which was really hard because he was definitely my favorite companion so far. I miss him, but my new comp is an old comp of elder Salisbury. his name is elder Valencia from Visaya I think. we'll see what happens I'll meet up with him tomorrow.
I got called as district leader which was really surprising because I'm still so new in the mission. its not too hard though. I just have to go on exchanges with every elder in the district, give workshops every week, and interview the baptismal candidates of the elders in my district.
this last transfer went by so fast! I cant believe its already over. probably because my comp and I had so much fun.
anyways this next week should be cool. ill have a new comp and I think we might get three baptisms. I'm really proud to say I haven't had any baptisms on my mission that I didn't work really hard for. a lot of the times elders will transfer into a new area and baptize people that the previous companionship taught. its still a baptism but I can see how it would feel unfair.
anyways ill talk to you guys next week. my pday is on Monday again this week.
I love you guys!

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