Wednesday, September 23, 2015

September 23, 2015 (letter from Henry's mission president)

22 September 2015
Brother and Sister Mark Van Slooten
23019 Oxnard Street
Brother and Sister Van Slooten:
I am happy to inform you that Elder Henry Thomas Van Slooten has been called to serve as the new Mission Secretary in the Philippines Quezon City Mission. 
The Mission Secretary requires a missionary of exceptional integrity as he handles many confidential matters.  It also requires exactness in keeping Church records.  We are thankful that your son possesses both these important qualities. 
Sister Revillo and I feel it is our blessing and opportunity to work with your son. Thank you for raising such a fine young man.  We appreciate the love and encouragement you give him.
Carlos G. Revillo, Jr.
Mission President
Elder Van Slooten
Philippines Quezon City Mission
Mission Secretary
Telephone: (02) 913-3863
Cell: +639235422454  (I'm not gonna lie, this is tempting)

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