Monday, October 26, 2015

October 26, 2015

this is a picture of my district after district meeting! We're a pretty cool district. There are people from Cali, Fiji, Samoa and New Zealand.

October 23, 2015

Magandang araw family ko,

I have some pretty exciting news!! so this November we're going to have a mission tour and we're going to be visited by Elder Neil L Anderson! He's going to come and give training to the entire mission! Even including all of the missionaries in Mindoro. This never happens so its super cool. President told me to arrange flight plans for every single missionary in Mindoro to fly here for the mission tour. That's about 18 missionaries all coming to Manila which will be super hard to plan, for flights and where they're going to sleep and things like that. And when they go back to Mindoro they're not going to fly home. They're going to take a bus and then a ferry like we did in 2010. It's gonna be pretty hard to arrange for all of that. I'm pretty jealous though cuz it sounds super fun! but i'll be in the office when Elder Anderson arrives.  I might get to escort him around haha that would be crazy!
btw, I have no more long sleeve shirts and my watch broke so i might have to use my credit card to buy a new one.. im guessing that would be okay? after all, its not every day that an apostle visits your mission! haha hes going to be coming on Nov 17 so I'm super excited. not much else has been going on with me. just regular office things.

Did you guys get an email from the mission about a typhoon and how the missionaries are safe? that was me! hahaha president told me to write a mass email to all the families of the missionaries informing them that the typhoon isn't that strong where we are and that we're all safe. anyways how are things at home? how has class been mom? is the yard almost done? Ill write you guys next week! ingat kayo!
October 18, 2015 (letter from the Philippines Quezon City mission regarding Typhoon Koppu that hit the Philippines northern area)
Hello Families and Friends of Quezon City Missionaries!

As you may have seen and heard on the news, Typhoon KOPPU (LANDO) has made land-fall in the Philippines. This typhoon has maintained its strength while moving northward very slowly along the beach front areas in the northern part of the Philippines far away from Quezon City. The Weather Philippines Automated Weather Station expects the typhoon to decrease in size and strength in the coming days. Typhoon KOPPU has had no major effects on the Quezon City mission besides slight rain and mild winds. Every Missionary has been accounted for and is safe. If you have any questions or concerns regarding this matter, please do not hesitate to contact us.

October 16, 2015

Hey Family!

This week was pretty solid. We've been getting a lot done in the office in preparation for this upcoming transfer day. The week leading up to the transfer day is always really busy. My companion, Elder Tano and I had to go to the Philippines area office (in front of the Manila Temple) so we could pick up the passports of the foreign exiting missionaries this transfer. While we were there we ran into Elder Haynie of the Seventy! I dont know if you remember him but he spoke this last general conference. He told the story about being covered in mud and demanding to enter his house. He's part of the new area presidency here and he's really nice. He's pretty funny too.
In other news this one sister missionary I met in the mtc - sister jenkins - sent me a package this week! It was so nice of her. (She's home now and she lives in Idaho about an hour from grandpa's house in Garden Valley.  What are the chances of that, haha) There was a bunch of food and candy so if you guys send me a package don't worry too much on candy. I was super stoked on that package though. One thing I do need is socks... my socks are getting pretty worn out! So that would be my one request haha black and browm socks would be nice.
It sounds like all is well with you guys. I'm jealous about solimar! last time we surfed it it was windy, small, brownish water, and pretty cold. i miss that wave. it sounds like you're enjoying your new class mom! i pray for you every day.
i heard about tyler cowley! thats pretty exciting and hopefuly he picks up tagalog fast haha bulacan is in the angeles mission and thats where the "true tagalog speakers" are from haha or at least thats what Sister Revillo tells me haha anyways i love you guys! take care!

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