Saturday, January 24, 2015

January 10, 2015

 elder nawaia is really great and hes starting to get a lot better at tagalog, its probably really hard for him to learn tagalog while hes trying to learn english at the same time. im excited to get into the field though the mtc is getting very repetitive and its hard to spend your whole entire day in the same class room. we eat breakfast and then go to class. then were in class until lunch time. then we go to lunch then come right back to class. and then were in class again until dinner time. then after dinner we go back to class again until 9:30 at night. its a lot of learning and a lot of work but we are learning very fast. some of the guys on my district are scared to get to the field in terms of speaking and understanding capabilities. sometimes i feel that way too but i actually feel very comfortable with tagalog and think i could almost go right now. i know if i went into the field right now with as much tagalog as i know, i would probably get fried. the hardest thing about learning tagalog is getting used to sentence structures. its very different from english. im really trying to let go of all my english tendencies and only think in terms of tagalog sentence structure but i think ill be ready in a couple more weeks. were supposed to leave february the fifth but one of my teachers got an email saying we would leave january 28th. i hope we leave then. ill send a few pictures. i didnt take that many this week because everything is starting to look the same.
this was taken last sunday during the temple walk. they let all the missionaries walk to the temple and tour the grounds for an hour or so every sunday afternoon. we usually dont go because its been so cold but we decided we needed to get off mtc campus and walk around.

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