Sunday, January 4, 2015

January 3, 2015

                                 folding laundry hahaah nawaia took this of me

its so hard to teach in tagalog but were teaching every day now so i am improving little by little. it can be frustrating at times but also very rewarding when i teach a good lesson.
but my communication is minimal.. i know how to say a good amount of things and i can teach a semi decent lesson but when investigators ask questions, there's about a 15% chance that ill be able to explain the answer in Tagalog which can be annoying at times. practice and experience will help me there, that's why when i get to the field i want a Filipino companion that doesnt speak english and i want my first area to be 100% tagalog speaking. i want zero english so that i can learn faster. i dont want to teach lessons in english or even half english haha i know itll be tough but ill learn so much faster that way

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